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16 Airbnb Bedroom Ideas For Hosts (with examples)

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Checkout these 16 Airbnb bedroom ideas to transform your bedrooms into cozy retreats for guests.

Designing and decorating an Airbnb bedroom that looks great in photos and provides a comfortable stay for guests can make or break your ratings and reviews as a host. Having a high quality mattress, attractive bedding, useful furniture, and thoughtful amenities can really set your Airbnb apart. Here are some tips and ideas to create a bedroom oasis for your Airbnb property.

1. All Wood or Metal Bed Frame

brown wooden bed frame with white mattress

Choose an attractive, high-quality wood or metal bed frame and headboard to anchor the space. Solid wood construction is sturdy and looks more upscale than particle board or metal frames. Wood tones like natural, walnut and whitewash complement most aesthetics. Platform beds work well for a sleek, contemporary vibe. Ornate, carved headboards create a glamorous statement. Distressed wood finishes add rustic charm. King or queen sizes provide plenty of room to spread out.

I personally avoid upholstered headboards at all costs – and it’s hard because they are so pretty. But I do this because I want to avoid the opportunity for bed bugs at all costs in upholstery on the bed and this includes the bed frame. This is a non negotiable for me!


2. High Quality Mattress

black and white bed linen

Investing in a premium mattress is one of the most important investments you can make in your Airbnb bedroom. You definitely don’t want bad reviews due to a bad sleeping experience.

Look for pocketed coil or latex mattresses at least 10 inches thick. Density matters – aim for 4-5 pounds of material per cubic foot. Organic cotton, wool and other natural materials allow airflow to keep you cool.

A plush, pillowtop model provides sink-in comfort with extra cushioning. Other features like memory foam layers or adjustable firmness customize the experience.


3. Crisp, White Bedding

white table lamp on brown wooden drawer

All-white bedding has a clean, fresh hotel look that photographs beautifully. Look for linens and duvets with a high thread count of 300 or above for softness. Cotton, linen, percale and jersey knit are ideal fabric options. For additional texture and coziness, add a light duvet insert or quilt. Basic white cotton sheets and pillowcases are ideal, but you could also add some subtle details like a woven or embroidered duvet cover.

You’re cleaners will also appreciate the simplicity of all white bedding, not having to remember what goes where. This also makes it much easier for the cleaners to swap out bedding that’s been damaged.


4. Plush Pillows

pillows on bed

Quality pillows are critical for a good night’s sleep. Provide at least 2 pillows per guest. Aim for down-alternative pillows that provide plush, hypoallergenic comfort. Density matters – higher fill power down around 600-800 provides more loft and support. Enclose pillows in crisp, smooth white pillowcases with a thread count around 300.

I like to provide 2 pillows per sleeping space on bed. So for example – fulls, queens and kings all sleep 2 people so I’ll provide 4 pillows per bed on each of these. For twins, I add 2 pillows.


5. Window Coverings for Privacy and Dimming Light

green jacket on a coat rack

Install blinds or blackout curtains on all windows to allow guests to control lighting and privacy. Blackout curtains that completely block external light are ideal for ensuring guests can sleep well into the morning. Curtains should extend all the way to the floor for full coverage. Cloth tapestries also make an elegant, artful window covering.

If going with blinds, invest in high quality cordless shades or blinds to give guests control over lighting and privacy. Cordless is safer and more modern than old-fashioned pull cord blinds. Look for cordless cellular shades that insulate against light and noise. Faux wood blinds made of durable vinyl or composite materials provide a warm, natural look without warping.

For blackout, choose cordless blackout cellular shades constructed with dense light-blocking layers. Cordless roman shades offer a clean, tailored style when raised. If going cordless isn’t an option, select blinds with inaccessible or child-safe cords. Auto-sensing blinds that connect to smart home systems let you control lighting via voice commands or your phone.


6. Stylish and Functional Nightstands

white bedding set

Nightstands provide important bedside storage and space for lamps, clocks, phones, glasses, books and other personal items your guests want access to while in bed. Look for a set of 2 matching nightstands with drawers and ample surface space (unless you have 2 beds in one room – then go for one nightstand in between the beds).

For safety, secure any freestanding furniture firmly to the wall. Built-in shelving creates a polished, custom look. USB charging ports and outlets built into the nightstand add convenience.


7. Luggage Racks

Luggage racks at the foot of the bed provide convenient extra storage for suitcases and belongings that are out of the way. This helps create a tidier, less cluttered look. Sturdy wooden luggage racks with slatted shelves keep suitcases visible and easy to access.

Look for quality materials like hardwood with an attractive finish. Position them at the end of the bed symmetrically. Top with a decor pillow and blanket for a polished designer touch.


8. Dresser or Clothing Rack

white desk fan on white wooden cabinet

Provide ample places to store and hang clothing. A tall dresser offers drawer space for folded clothes and other personal items. Look for solid wood over particle board for durability. Distressed finishes, white wash, and vintage styles create character. Drawers should slide smoothly.

A clothing rack works well for hanging items and also saves floor space. Consider including 20-30 sturdy hangers. Position the clothing rack near the dresser for ease of use. Look for quality materials like hardwood or metal. Adjustable height racks accommodate different lengths.


9. Full Length Mirror

brown wooden chair near white wooden door

A full length, standing mirror allows guests to check their outfits and get ready comfortably and they love having this. If fact, it’s one of the most requested features believe it or not that we’ve experienced.

Place it near the closet or clothing storage areas. Choose stable, high quality frames – metal, antiqued wood, etc. Leaning against a wall risks tipping, so mounting it securely is best.


10. Desk

gray leather office rolling armchair beside white wooden computer desk

In the master bedroom, consider adding a small desk for guests who need workspace if room allows. This allows travelers to comfortably handle business tasks, take video calls, or use a laptop.

  • Choose a compact desk around 48 inches wide to fit into the bedroom footprint.
  • Opt for simple, clean lined wood desks with drawers for storage. A minimalist metal and glass desk also works well.
  • Make sure the desk chair is cushioned and comfortable for extended sitting. Ergonomic task chairs provide back support.
  • Outfit the desk with helpful items like a reading lamp, notepad and pens, charging cables, and a calendar or clock.
  • Position the desk near an outlet so guests can easily plug in devices.

Having a functional workstation in the master bedroom accommodates guests’ needs to handle business or schoolwork during their stay. A thoughtfully equipped desk makes for an extremely useful amenity.


11. Benches

Benches at the end of the bed offer extra storage and seating. Upholstered benches with cushioned tops create a comfortable place to sit when putting on shoes. Look for ones with storage space inside to stow extra linens or belongings. Rattan or wicker benches make a breezy, beachy statement. Arrange the bench centered horizontally across the bed for symmetry and visual balance. Match the size of the bench to the bed’s width.


12. Decorative Pillows

white and pink floral bed linen

Add decorative throw pillows to make the bed extra cozy and colorful. Square euro sham-style pillows in matching or contrasting shades create a tidy, tailored appearance. Choose pillows with interesting embellishments like embroidery, pom poms, tassels or unique geometric patterns. Arrange pillows symmetrically with larger pillows in back and smaller ones in front for visual depth.


13. Rugs

white and gray floral sofa set

Area rugs on both sides of the bed help define the space while adding softness and warmth underfoot. Choose natural fiber rugs like wool, cotton and jute over synthetic fabrics. A simple pattern or geometric motif adds interest without overpowering. Make sure the rug extends at least 18 inches past the sides of the bed. Layer rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting for extra cushioning.


14. Decorative Blankets

white bed with gray and white bed linen

At the foot of the bed, use a textured throw or decorative blanket to complement the bedding. Choose natural materials like cotton, linen or wool in a cable knit or woven pattern. Drape blankets symmetrically at the foot of the bed, allowing them to fall freely on either side. A pop of color or bold print looks lively mixed with neutral bedding.


15. Artwork

flamingo illustration with brown frame on wall

Carefully chosen artwork adds personality and visual interest to bedroom walls. When selecting pieces:

  • Stick to a cohesive theme or color palette. Black and white photography and nature prints have wide appeal.
  • Choose artwork with simple matting and clean-lined frames to suit a modern aesthetic.
  • Monochrome or muted color schemes tend to work best for relaxing bedrooms.
  • Opt for canvas wall art that is neatly wrapped on stretcher bars. Framed prints should have sturdy frames.
  • Arrange pieces in groupings of 3 or 5 for the most visually balanced wall galleries.
  • Landscape orientation tends to suit most bedrooms better than portraits.
  • For impact, hang artwork above headboards, next to bedside tables, or opposite the bed.

Well-curated artwork lends aesthetic flair while also contributing to a tranquil vibe conducive to rest.


16. Hangers

brown wooden clothes hangers

Provide guests plenty of hangers in a closet or armoire. Sturdy wooden hangers hold the shape of shirts and dresses better than thin plastic versions. Satin finish hangers slide easily along the closet rod. Notched hangers keep straps in place. Supply at least 15-20 hangers per guest. Use skirt and pant hangers for bottoms.


Decor Accents Tie the Room Together

Carefully chosen, coordinated decor creates a polished, complete bedroom look.

  • Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a minimalist, neutral color palette like blacks, whites, beiges, and gray tones for broad appeal. Incorporate soft hues like sage green, light blue or muted peach sparingly as accents.
  • Textured Bed Blankets: At the foot of the bed, use blankets and throws with woven or tufted textures and patterns for visual interest. Natural fibers like cotton, wool, and linen add cozy softness.
  • Wall Art and Shelving: Abstract wall art, floating shelves, and framed photos display decorative objects. Curate a minimal gallery wall or shelf display with clean-lined pieces.
  • Potted Plants: Leafy green plants add life and freshness to bedroom air. Choose low-maintenance varieties like succulents, snake plants, pothos ivy, and small palms.
  • Woven Baskets: Natural woven baskets in materials like rattan, jute, and seagrass hold spare belongings neatly. Use for extra linens, books, charging cords, and guest supplies.
  • Symmetrical Arrangements: Group decorative items like framed photos, candleholders, and sculptures symmetrically for visual balance.
  • Wall Decals: Wall decals with inspiring quotes or understated floral designs add personalized flair. Go for timeless nature themes and geometric shapes.
  • Bedside Rugs: Small area rugs on both sides of the bed define the space while adding softness underfoot. Choose low-pile natural fibers like wool, cotton, jute or seagrass.

With thoughtful decor touches that enhance the room’s intended aesthetic, you can pull the bedroom space together into a polished, welcoming oasis.

Avoid These Common Airbnb Bedroom Pitfalls

While decorating and furnishing your Airbnb bedroom, there are a few things to avoid:

  • Clutter: Too many belongings and decor items make spaces feel cramped. Follow a “less is more” approach and limit knick-knacks.
  • Scented candles or air fresheners: These can bother guests with allergies or scent sensitivities. Stick to unscented spaces.
  • Brightly colored or boldly patterned bedding: Stick to white or other neutral solids for the widest appeal.
  • Flimsy furniture: Cheap nightstands and dressers tend to look chintzy. Invest in solid wood pieces.
  • Carpet stains or wear: Make sure carpeting appears freshly vacuumed, cleaned and stain-free.

Additional Amenities and Touches

green indoor plant with white pot on white and brown wooden table

Bedside Alarm Clock: A bedside alarm clock allows guests to avoid using their phones as an alarm. Look for one with USB charging ports, large digits, and adjustable brightness.

Multiple Lighting: Provide overhead ceiling lights, lamps, and accent lighting so guests can control brightness and ambiance. Wall sconces, string lights and table lamps create mood.

Entertainment: Stock books, magazines, board games, playing cards, and other entertainment to enjoy during downtime. Curate a small library of books in decor-matching bindings.

Wastebaskets: Add a small wastebasket conveniently placed near the bed and in other key areas like bathrooms. Choose decorative woven baskets or sleek metal bins.

Power Outlets: Include conveniently placed power outlets, including some USB charging ports. Multi-outlet surge protectors can expand ports.

Enclosed Storage: Offer enclosed storage like baskets or fabric cubbies to stow extra guest belongings neatly. Match colors and materials to your decor scheme.

High Quality Robes: Plush, mid-weight cotton or microfiber robes allow guests to relax in comfort. Look for soft, breathable fabrics that absorb moisture.

Extra Pillows and Blankets: Provide extra pillows, blankets and quilts for those who get cold at night. Stow them conveniently in closets or bench storage.

Amenities: Consider amenities like white noise machines, sleep masks, or ear plugs to aid light sleepers. Also provide water carafes, tissues, and other bedside necessities.

Welcome Gifts: Chocolates, fresh flowers or a welcome basket with local treats make great arrival gifts to delight guests. Include a personal note card for a thoughtful touch.

With special touches that anticipate guests’ needs, you can create an exceptionally comfortable and convenient bedroom retreat.

Recap: Airbnb Bedroom Ideas

We hope this curated list of our must have Airbnb bedroom ideas was helpful to you! With attention to every detail – from high quality beds and bedding to decor touches like plants, artwork, and lighting – you can create a 5-star bedroom oasis for Airbnb guests. Focus on comfort, aesthetics, and convenience to provide a space guests love.


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