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How to Choose the Best Airbnb Cleaning Company : 12 Checklist Items

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When you become an Airbnb host, one of your primary concerns will be how to keep your rental property clean between guests. Sure, you could clean the place yourself, but if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the time (or the inclination) to do that. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire an Airbnb cleaning company. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one? Here are a few tips:

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So how do you choose the best Airbnb cleaning company?

There are a number of important factors ranging from price to reviews that you should take into account when making your decision. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure they’re professional. 

The last thing you want is a team of unprofessional cleaners trashing your place. So before you even think about hiring a company, make sure they’re professional in both their demeanor and their appearance. A good way to gauge this is by reading online reviews; if past customers have had bad experiences with the company’s professionalism, chances are you will too. 

2. Check if they’re insured and bonded. 

This is important for two reasons: first, it means that you’re less likely to be held liable if one of the cleaners gets injured while on the job; and second, it protects your property in case anything gets broken or stolen. Any reputable Airbnb cleaning company should be insured and bonded; if they’re not, it’s best to look elsewhere.

How do you get a copy or proof of this?  You simply ask the management to email you over a copy for you review and records.

You’ll want to look out for:

  • The expiration date on the insurance
  • The named insured
  • The coverage amounts

3. Get a quote from the Airbnb cleaning company in writing. 

When getting a quote from an Airbnb cleaning company, make sure it’s in writing and that all services are clearly listed. For example, you’ll want to ensure it addresses the number of beds they will turn over, how linens will be handles, whose cleaning supplies will be used, how they will access the property, and how they schedule and receive payment.

This is important because you don’t want to be surprised by any hidden fees later on, and having everything in writing will give you something to refer back to if there are any issues.

4. Scheduling with an Airbnb cleaning company

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Another important items to address is how the cleaning company handles scheduling.

When I was looking for a cleaner for my beach Airbnb, I came across a wide variety.

Some required manual scheduling – meaning I’d have to call in every time I got a booking or cancellation.

Others used software that not only could link to the hosting platform and auto schedule, but also would send me reports with photos after each clean.

It was a non-negotiable for me – there was no way I was going to manually schedule.

One, I didn’t have the time. Two, I was certain I’d mess something up. Tech is the way to go in my opinion.

5. Check Reviews of the Airbnb cleaning company

Make sure to take a look at the company’s reviews. Not only on their own website, but also on independent sites like Google and Yelp. This will give you a good idea of what other customers have thought about their experience with the company.

Keep an eye out for any red flags, such as a high number of negative reviews or reviews that mention the same issue (e.g., poor customer service, late arrivals, etc.).

The company I chose had a 5 star rating on many review sites, so that put me at greater ease (especially if you are managing remotely)!

6. Extra Services They Offer

Something I found SUPER userful, was that the cleaning company I ended up choosing for the house I mentioned earlier also offered some maintenance and concierge services.

This means if I needed a handyman quickly, or someone to meet the Wifi person, or to replace batteries on the smart locks – I could count on the same company to do so!

This is a HUGE plus and trust us, you WILL need this more than you realize!

7. Company vs. Independant Cleaner

You’ll have to decide if you want to go with a company or an independent cleaner. Each has its own set of pros and cons that you’ll need to weigh before making a decision.

Independent cleaners are often cheaper, but they may not be as reliable or professional as a company. They also may not offer the same range of services or be insured and bonded.

Companies, on the other hand, are usually a little more expensive but offer more reliable service. They also tend to be more professional and offer a wider range of services. Just make sure you do your research before hiring any company!

For us, we knew we wanted a company – there just seemed to be too much risk placing all your eggs in one basket with something as important as cleaning ; especially with a potentially same day turn around.

We wanted to know that if one cleaning person or crew couldn’t make it, there would always be a backup.

8. Experience of the Airbnb cleaning company

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure the company or cleaner you’re hiring has experience in Airbnb cleaning.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people try to save a few bucks by hiring someone who doesn’t have any experience with Airbnbs and may have only cleaned residential homes.

An Airbnb Cleaning company is 1000% different than a regular cleaning company, with an extensive checklist to follow in their cleans and you’ll want to ensure this isn’t your cleaning companies first time!

We made sure to ask about this upfront and were easily able to weed out those who weren’t experienced.

9. Customer Service

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You can test this out beforehand by giving the company a call and seeing how long it takes them to answer, or if they seem frazzled when you do get ahold of someone.

You can also send an email and see how quickly they respond. If they’re slow to respond before you’ve even hired them, imagine what it’ll be like once you’re already a paying customer!

We made sure to test out the customer service for each company we were considering and it was one of the easiest ways to eliminate options.

We wanted to be confident that if we ever had an issue, it would be resolved quickly and without any hassle.

10. Starter Packs

Another major item I looked for when choosing an Airbnb cleaning company was they they would supply starter packs for the essentials:

  • Starter Dish Soap
  • Starter Soaps
  • Starter Kitchen Sponge
  • Starter Trash Bags
  • Starter Hand Soaps
  • Toilet Paper for Each Bathroom
  • Starter Paper Towels
  • (and probably a few other items, they really are awesome)

For us, this was a non-negotiable because we didn’t want our guests to have to worry about buying these things themselves or feel like we were nickel and dime-ing them.

We wanted their experience staying in our Airbnb to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible, and having starter packs was a huge part of that.

I’m happy to say that the company we ultimately went with offers this service and we couldn’t be happier!

11. Linen Service

Another big one for us was finding a company that offered a linen service. We didn’t want to have a cleaner who had to wash and fold all the sheets and towels after each guest – that’s just extra work they don’t have a lot of time for.

So, we found an Airbnb cleaning company that offered Linen service! The cleaning company we choose provides the following at each clean:

  1. Sheets
  2. Pillow Cases
  3. Towels for Each Guest
  4. Hand Towels for the Kitchen
  5. Kitchen Dish Towels
  6. Bath Floor Towels
  7. Hand Towels for the Bathrooms

It makes it so nice, because all we have to worry about is that we have extra comforters for them to change out for us, if need be.

12. Pricing

Of course, pricing is going to be a major consideration when choosing an airbnb cleaning company.

You’ll want to make sure that it’s something that fits within your budget, but you also don’t want to cheap out and hire someone who’s going to do a sub-par job.

We recommend getting quotes from a few different companies and then making your decision based on the other factors we’ve discussed in this post.

Don’t let price be the only deciding factor, but don’t ignore it either!

We actually went with a higher quote than some of the others that quoted us – but it was well worth it because of everything else they offered and thier reputation.


We hope this post has been helpful as you choose an airbnb cleaning company for your own rental property!

Here are the key things to remember:

– Make sure they have experience with Airbnb cleans specifically!

– Customer service is important – you want to be able to reach them easily if you have any issues.

– Find out if the Airbnb cleaning company offers starter packs and linen service – it’ll make your life so much easier!

– Get a few quotes and factor in pricing when making your decision.

We’re confident that if you keep all of these things in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect airbnb cleaning company for your needs!

Do you have any other tips to share on finding the best Airbnb cleaning company? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! ?

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