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Best Airbnb Pricing Tool in 2023: I Reviewed Them So You Don’t Have To

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As an Airbnb host, finding the best Airbnb pricing tool to maximize your revenue while ensuring high occupancy rates is crucial. With a plethora of options available, it can be a daunting task to choose the best tool that suits your needs. Today, we’ll delve deep into the features, pros, and cons of three popular Airbnb pricing tools – PriceLabs, Beyond Pricing, and Wheelhouse. After extensive testing, PriceLabs emerged as the winner due to its ease of use and cost. However, Beyond Pricing and Wheelhouse deserve a closer look too.

Best Airbnb Pricing Tool Comparison Table

CriteriaPriceLabsBeyond PricingWheelhouse
Ease of Use★★★★★★★★★☆★★★☆☆
Customer Support★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★☆☆

Winner: PriceLabs Runner Up: Beyond Pricing

Section 1: PriceLabs – The Winner

best airbnb pricing tools

A. Introduction to PriceLabs

PriceLabs, founded in 2014, has quickly risen to the forefront of the vacation rental pricing industry. It is renowned for its dynamic pricing model, which helps hosts optimize their revenue through advanced analytics and algorithms.

B. Pros of PriceLabs

  • User-friendly interface: PriceLabs offers an intuitive and clean interface, which makes it easy for hosts to navigate and use the platform.
  • Affordable pricing plans: With pricing plans that cater to both small and large hosts, PriceLabs stands out as the most cost-effective solution. At the time of this writing, dynamic pricing for one listing was $19.99 per month.
  • Advanced pricing algorithms: PriceLabs uses cutting-edge algorithms to determine the optimal pricing for your listings based on market demand, seasonality, and other factors.
  • Broad integration with property management systems: It supports integration with a wide range of property management systems (over 90 of them!), allowing for seamless synchronization of data.
  • Reliable customer support: PriceLabs’ customer support is responsive and knowledgeable, ensuring quick resolution of queries.

C. Cons of PriceLabs

  • Steep learning curve for new users: Some users might find the advanced features overwhelming initially.
  • Limited customization in lower-tier plans: The customization options for pricing strategies are limited in the basic plans.

D. My Experience

As an Airbnb host that values ease of use and wanted something affordable, I found PriceLabs to be extremely helpful in managing and optimizing my pricing strategies. The interface was easy to use, and the customer support was prompt in resolving my queries. It did take some time to get used to thier platform, and to realize that none of these are set it and forget it. I check my statistics weekly, and make updates if needed. I personally found this to be the best airbnb pricing tool for our needs.

Section 2: Beyond Pricing – The Runner Up

A. Introduction to Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing, established in 2013, was one of the pioneers in the vacation rental pricing space. Its market-driven, dynamic pricing model is highly regarded in the industry.

B. Pros of Beyond Pricing

  • Data-driven pricing recommendations: Beyond Pricing analyzes vast amounts of data to provide accurate pricing recommendations.
  • Global market coverage: It offers extensive market coverage, making it suitable for hosts with properties in multiple countries.
  • Highly customizable: Allows hosts to set customized rules and constraints for pricing.

C. Cons of Beyond Pricing

  • Slightly more expensive than competitors: The pricing plans are somewhat on the higher side, especially for small hosts. Instead of a flat fee per month per listing, they actually charge 1% of the bookings per month. So if you booked $6000 in revenue one month, their fee would be $60 that month.
  • Less intuitive interface compared to PriceLabs: New users might find the interface a bit less user-friendly.

D. My Experience

I used Beyond Pricing for a short period (during the free trial period), and while the data-driven recommendations were impressive, I felt that the pricing was a bit steep for the value offered, especially compared to PriceLabs.

Section 3: Wheelhouse – A Worthy Mention

A. Introduction to Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse is a newer player in the market but has quickly gained popularity due to its personalized pricing recommendations and user-friendly interface.

B. Pros of Wheelhouse

  • Personalized pricing recommendations: Wheelhouse provides tailored pricing recommendations for individual properties.
  • User-friendly interface: It has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, even for beginners.

C. Cons of Wheelhouse

  • Limited integration options: Compared to PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing, Wheelhouse has fewer integration options with property management systems.
  • Lacks the advanced analytics of competitors: The pricing algorithms are not as sophisticated as those of PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing.

D. My Experience

I found Wheelhouse to be quite user-friendly, but it didn’t offer the depth of analytics that I was looking for.

Section 4: Side-By-Side Comparison

A. Features

FeaturePriceLabsBeyond PricingWheelhouse
Dynamic Pricing
Customization Options
Integration with Other Systems
Global Market Coverage

B. Cost Analysis

Pricing PlansPriceLabsBeyond PricingWheelhouse
Basic$19.99/listing/mo1% of revenue/moHybrid- 1% of revenue or $19.99/mo

C. Ease of Use

PriceLabs wins in ease of use due to its intuitive interface, followed closely by Wheelhouse. Beyond Pricing’s interface is somewhat less intuitive for new users.

D. Integration

PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing both offer extensive integration options, while Wheelhouse lags behind in this aspect.

E. Customer Support

PriceLabs takes the lead with its responsive and knowledgeable customer support, while Beyond Pricing and Wheelhouse have room for improvement.

Section 5: Final Verdict and Recommendations

After an extensive analysis, PriceLabs emerges as the clear winner due to its user-friendly interface, cost-effective pricing plans, and advanced features. Beyond Pricing comes in as a close second, with Wheelhouse being a worthy mention for those who prefer simplicity.

For hosts with multiple listings and those who require in-depth analytics, PriceLabs is the ideal choice. For hosts looking for data-driven recommendations on a global scale, Beyond Pricing could be a good fit.

Conclusion: Best Airbnb Pricing Tool

Choosing the right pricing tool for your Airbnb listings can significantly impact your revenue and occupancy rates. PriceLabs, with its ease of use and advanced features, stands out as the best option for most hosts. However, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs and preferences when making the final choice. Have you used any of these tools? Share your experience in the comments below!


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