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How to Check Out of Airbnb: An Easy Checklist to Follow in 2023

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Searching for info on how to check out of Airbnb? Don’t worry – we’ve got the simple overview you’ve been looking for, and it’s more than just closing the door behind you.

Often underemphasized, the act of checking out plays a pivotal role in the Airbnb experience. It’s about leaving a lasting impression, ensuring you’re welcomed back, and setting the stage for stellar reviews.

In this blog post, we’ll be pulling back the curtains on best practices, handy tips, and the lessons we’ve learned along our journey. We’re here to transform your view of the Airbnb checkout process, turning it from a mere end-point to the opening chapter of your next short-term rental adventure.

Understanding Airbnb’s Check-Out Procedure

While every host has unique check-out requirements, there are a few general rules of thumb to follow when figuring out how to check out of Airbnb. Here’s what you need to know to ensure a smooth check out of Airbnb:

Check the House Rules: Every Airbnb host provides their house rules, which include the check-out procedure. The time you need to leave, specific cleaning instructions, and key return details are often outlined here.

Leave the property clean: One of the golden rules of Airbnb etiquette is to leave the property as clean as you found it. A quick tidy up can make a huge difference.

Communicate with the host: Should any issues arise during your stay or check-out, keeping your host in the loop is vital. They appreciate open and timely communication.

Taking these steps will not only make the check out of Airbnb smoother but also increase your chances of receiving a positive review from your host.

Importance of a Proper Airbnb Check Out

A proper check out of Airbnb is more than just a courtesy—it directly affects your reputation on the platform. When hosts review their guests, they’ll consider the state in which you left the property.

If you respect the host’s home and follow their check-out instructions, you’ll likely earn a favorable review. These positive reviews increase your chances of securing future bookings as they build your credibility in the Airbnb community.

How to Check Out of Airbnb Checklist


Following a checklist can help ensure a seamless checkout of Airbnb. Here’s a simple list to guide you through the process:

  1. Check the property for personal belongings: It’s easy to forget small items, especially if you’ve stayed in the property for a while. Check under the bed, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen before you leave.
  2. Dispose of trash: Empty all trash cans and ensure you’ve disposed of waste as per the host’s instructions.
  3. Clean up: While you’re not expected to deep clean the property, doing basic cleaning like washing dishes, wiping counters, and leaving the bathroom tidy is good practice.
  4. Check appliances: Ensure that all appliances are turned off. This includes the stove, lights, air conditioning, and heating.
  5. Secure the property: Close all windows and lock all doors.
  6. Return the key: If a physical key was provided, make sure you leave it where the host has instructed.

Following this checklist will help you cover all the basics for a smooth checkout of Airbnb.

Communicating with Your Airbnb Host


Maintaining open communication with your host is essential. If there were any issues during your stay or you accidentally broke something, it’s crucial to let them know before your departure. Not only does this build trust, but it also allows them to prepare and fix anything before the next guest arrives.

Dealing with Left-Behind Items

It’s not uncommon during the checkout of Airbnb for guests to forget their personal items. In such scenarios, prompt action is needed. Contact your host as soon as you realize you’ve left something behind. They can often help retrieve your belongings and plan for a suitable way for you to get them. Airbnb’s Lost and Found policy also provides guidance on this issue. It’s advisable to thoroughly scan all rooms and personal storage spaces before departing to prevent such situations.

Late Check-Out Procedure

Travel plans aren’t always predictable, and occasionally, you might find yourself needing a late check-out. Should this situation arise, get in touch with your host at the earliest opportunity. Depending on their schedule and the property’s booking status, they may allow you to check out later than originally agreed, albeit possibly with an additional fee. Clear, proactive communication can help manage these scenarios effectively.

Tips for Leaving Reviews after Check-Out

Your Airbnb experience doesn’t end at check-out. One crucial post-stay activity is leaving a review for your host. Your insights can significantly benefit both future guests and your host. Focus on key aspects when writing your review, including the host’s responsiveness, the accuracy of the listing, cleanliness, and any unique situations or experiences during your stay. A well-balanced review should offer praise where it’s due and constructive feedback where necessary.

Addressing Damages During Check-Out

In case of accidental damage to the property, it’s critical to deal with the situation responsibly. Alert your host about the incident immediately. Depending on the host’s policy and the extent of the damage, you may be responsible for covering the repair costs. Airbnb’s Host Guarantee or the security deposit may be involved in such instances. Honesty and upfront communication can help maintain a positive relationship with your host and prevent surprising claims or negative reviews.

Understanding Airbnb’s Check-Out Policy and Terms of Service

Familiarizing yourself with Airbnb’s check-out policy and terms of service is key for all guests. These guidelines detail your duties as a guest, which include leaving the property tidy, adhering to the designated check-out time, and following the host’s specific check-out instructions. Failing to meet these requirements can lead to extra charges or negative reviews. Make sure you review these terms during your stay to ensure a trouble-free check out of Airbnb.

Final Thoughts: How to Check Out of Airbnb

Checking out of an Airbnb property is just as important as checking in. Taking the time to leave the space in good condition and follow the host’s instructions not only shows respect but also boosts your reputation within the Airbnb community. Remember, the key to a seamless Airbnb experience is clear communication, respect for the property, and adherence to house rules. Follow these guidelines and you’re sure to have a smooth check out of Airbnb every time!

FAQ’S About How to Check Out of Airbnb


  1. What time should I check out of an Airbnb? The checkout time varies from listing to listing. Always refer to the listing details or confirm with your host to ensure you leave on time.
  2. What should I do before checking out of an Airbnb? Generally, you should clean up after yourself, dispose of any trash, ensure all doors and windows are locked, and return any moved items to their original place. Some hosts might have specific checkout instructions, so be sure to review those.
  3. Do I need to do laundry before checking out? Not usually, but it can depend on the host’s instructions. It’s considered good etiquette to pile used towels and bed linens in a designated spot.
  4. Do I need to meet the host when checking out of Airbnb? Not always. Some hosts prefer a self-checkout process, where you leave the keys in a secure spot. However, some might want to meet in person. Always follow your host’s instructions.
  5. What happens if I check out late from an Airbnb? Late checkouts can inconvenience hosts and incoming guests. They may result in extra charges or negative reviews. It’s best to check out on time or request a late checkout in advance if needed.
  6. Should I inform the host when I check out? Yes, it’s polite and helpful to let your host know when you’ve vacated the property. This allows them to promptly begin cleaning and preparing for the next guest.
  7. What should I do if I forgot something at the Airbnb after checking out? If you realize you left something behind, contact your host immediately. They can help you arrange a way to retrieve your belongings.

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